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We Are A Leading Law Firm In Istanbul Over +10 Years Of Law Experience Helping Our Injured People.

We are transparent to our clients, we act with the motto of loyalty to the truth and dedication to Justice.

Growing day by day and has managed to leave a lasting impression on the minds with the quality of the legal services it offers, MESCI Law Firm is an independent and a boutique law firm that provides legal services in certain intertwined areas of law.

Adv. Tugce Gorkem MESCI

Our Approach

We Always Listen

We always listen our client and act according to their interests.


We are attentive to client-attorney confidentiality rules.

Right Approach

We provide qualified services by using strategic and unique defense techniques allocated to your case.

Collaboration Network

We cooperate with financial advisors and academicians.

Respect And Care

We value to our clients and aim to close your case with success.

Expertly Guide

We are here to provide you qualified legal services throughout Turkey.

Welcome To Our Law Firm In Istanbul, Turkey

If you are in need of a law firm in Turkey, providing qualified and cost-effective law services in Turkey, as a Turkish law firm we are pleased to legally assist you relevant to the dispute and your legal problem and shield your legal interests as your lawyers in Turkey.

MESCI Law firm is a globally recognized law firm established and operating in Istanbul, Turkey with over 10 years of law experience both in doctrine and in law practice. Our founder along with our attorneys at law have managed to form teams consisting of distinguished lawyers in Turkey specialized in nearly all areas of law. Acting with the aim to provide fast and effective law services and elaborative legal aid, our law firm in Istanbul has built a network with third party law firms, individual and independent lawyers in Turkey, certified public accountants, mediators, reputable academicians and patent firms enabling us to take class actions, provide pocket services and supply credible expert opinions. We are pleased to work with young, dynamic and dedicated lawyers that are attentive to recent law developments and changing codes. We value to our staff and coagents and are proud to become an up-front law firm amongs all other law firms, over the years that both foreign and local lawyers in Turkey prefer to work and co-operate with. We grow and evolve day by day with our clients and our lawyers in Turkey.

Our international law firm is one of the leading Turkish law firms that clients who are looking for English speaking lawyers prefer. Our clients and client candidates know comfortably that they do not need to apply for a translator when they are in contact with us. Our client portfolio consists mainly of foreign real persons and legal entities based in foreign countries such as Russia, Poland, United Kingdom, United States of America, India and United Arab Emirates. Since our clients are real persons and legal entities based in foreign countries, our lawyers speak English fluently and report developments of each dossier and/or legal transaction in English to our clients. By virtue of our English speaking lawyers in Istanbul, we have seen that we are able to alleviate concerns of our foreign clients and establish a healthy and organic communication.

Our law firm in Turkey provides applicable legal services to her clients in almost every field of law. By reviewing our page, you can either obtain detailed information about the areas in which our law firm in Turkey mainly operates in and our lawyers in Istanbul specialize on, or you can kindly request consultancy and a preliminary opinion on the dispute by sending us an e-mail directly about your own story. We are all about empowering you with knowledge on law, providing you brief and key information enabling you also to have a perspective on Turkish law procedures. Our law firm Istanbul has been recognized as one of the top malpractice law firms in Turkey. Our law firm Turkey has also been specialized in Turkish corporate law, Turkish commercial law, business and tax registration in Istanbul and Turkey, company establishment in Turkey, Turkish intellectual and industrial property law, Turkish family and divorce law, Turkish real estate law, property acquisition in Turkey, Turkish labor law, Turkish inheritance law, criminal defense and Turkish criminal law and Turkish law on the foreigners and especially obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment. With the diversity of the areas we work on, we aim to protect our clients interests with strategic solutions providing a legal pathway for every possible problem that can come to our clients way. Our clients and client candidates presents to our knowledge challenges with complex legal natures and they chose us because of our blended knowledge, technical excellence, pragmatic approach and plain speaking.

Our attorneys at law do not make discrimination between our clients in line with the 1136 numbered Attorneys Act. We advise to high turn-over legal entities, individual enterpreneurs, families, little businesses on every aspect of the law, whenever the need arises. Every client case is unique and important to our lawyers. Our talented lawyers act with the awareness that each client dossier may lead to a precedent decision and that the file will contribute to our country, people and law system thus they put great effort to each dossier and strive to win.

We are not only lawyers in Istanbul taking part in drafting legal documents and issuing protocols. Our law firm in Turkey consists of trial lawyers in Istanbul too that are knowledgeable on preliminary objections, cause of actions, cross-examination of the witnesses and all the procedural law tactics to make you win the case and that are also able to create strong arguments under the pressure of the trial atmosphere. You may reach out to our lawyer in Istanbul through our Contact page. Always remember that we are the familiar face present for you to obtain the best results for your unique case.

Mesci Law Firm, Istanbul, Turkey

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