We Are A Leading Law Firm Based In Istanbul Over +10 Years Of Law Experience Helping Our Injured People.

We are transparent to our clients, we act with the motto of loyalty to the truth and dedication to Justice.

Growing day by day and has managed to leave a lasting impression on the minds with the quality of the legal services it offers, MESCI Law Firm is an independent and a boutique law firm that provides legal services in certain intertwined areas of law.


Foundations of our globally recognized law firm were laid in 2011 in Kadikoy / Istanbul. Our office is under the influence of a modern and innovative law firm approach and has dynamic teams and team leaders consisting of lawyers who have years of experience in specific fields of law, that also closely follow legal developments. Our head office is located in Istanbul, in the heart of Turkey. However we proudly can say that we have succeeded to build a unique network around collaboration and mutual respect with other law firms, financial advisors, mediators, patent firms and well-known academicians from different parts of Turkey and as well as from other countries such as England, Russia, America, China and India. In this way, we aim to be a familiar face and provide credible legal services to our clients in the region where legal service is required, with our expansion power and blended knowledge we have built over time, regardless of geographical boundaries. 

Our law firm  provides legal consultancy and services in fields of law such as contractual law, corporation law, mergers and acquisitions, company formation, commercial law, logistics, real estate law, construction law, rental law, inheritance law, family law, divorce law, intellectual and industrial property law, labor law, enforcement law, consumer law, criminal law, immigration law and citizenship and defends rights and interests of its’ domestic and foreign clients before courts, enforcement offices and various public institutions and organizations. Our clients consist of local and foreign real persons and legal entities from different sectors such as building and construction, food, energy, transportation, health, fashion and textile. Most of our clients are foreigner high turnover real persons and legal entities.

We are transparent to our clients, we act with the motto of loyalty to the truth and dedication to Justice. Our Law Firm has formed teams consisting of distinguished, dynamic and dedicated lawyers that are experienced for many years in specific fields of law. In this way, we aim to protect our clients’ rights in the best way by using our deep legal knowledge and years of experience developed in specific fields of law and offer strategic pathways tailored to our clients and their business models that are in line with their needs. 

We care about our clients’ business and brand as we would care about our own. Understanding details of the business of our clients is crucial for us which enables us to bring forward the most appropriate and applicable solutions. 

We do not discriminate between our clients. Every client case is unique and special to us. In line with the 1136 numbered Attorneys Act, we have allocated our legal knowledge and experience to the service of Justice so that clients can benefit equally and fairly. Our lawyers act with the awareness that each file they receive will lead to a precedent decision and that the file will contribute to the State and our country thus they pay attention to each dossier and put great effort. We believe that motivation, commitment and steady progress are fundamentals of prolonged success and we constantly strive to exceed our clients expectations.

We are very attentive to the security of the data stored, we value confidentiality and conflict of interest check.

We are 7/24 on the hotline, we come into contact with our clients fast in case of emergency.

Kind Regards, 

Adv. Tugce Gorkem MESCI 

Founder | Attorney at Law 

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