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A residence permit can be defined as a permit given by the immigration authority to a real person to stay in Turkey for longer than the amount of time granted through visa or a permission to stay in Turkey without a visa with the purposes stated under the Law.

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If their visa exemption period or duration of the visa is sufficient, foreign visitors can stay in Turkey without residence permit for 90 days in any 180 days period prior to their departure. Foreigners who will enter Turkey for touristic or other purposes with Visa and require to stay over 90 days in every 180 day period may file a Turkish residence permit application. This rule binds all the foreigners. For the calculation of the duration of staying in Turkey, the foreigner should look backwards from the day of their departure.

In general it is seen that foreigners who are willing to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days for touristic purposes mostly apply for a short-term residence permit. These permits, which are granted for one year, can be extended up to two years for Istanbul. Apart from this, it is possible to obtain student residence permit, long-term residence permit, family residence permit, residence permit by marriage, victims of human trafficking residence permit and humanitarian residence permit if the foreigner is able to meet the conditions stated under the relevant code.

Residence permit applications are made directly to the Directorate General of Migration Management through the online system, through e-government (e-devlet) portal. After the online application is completed, the foreigner shall make a physical application to the Ministry in person or through e-mail. A residence permit application document is issued by the administration for the foreigner whose application is received. This documents provides the foreigner with the right to legally stay in Turkey for 90 days from the date of application. Applications are finalized by the Ministry at almost 30 days and once the decision is finalized, the Ministry informs the foreigner through e-mail. In the event that this period is extended, the relevant notification is being made by the Ministry. We would like to state that the residence permit applications shall be made by the foreigner himself. These applications can also be made through attorneys on behalf of the client but in any case, the Ministry requires the foreigner to be present during the application. Important point is that the foreigner should clearly state the purpose of the stay in Turkey during the meeting with the Ministry.

In case if there are missing documents during the application, the Ministry may provide the foreigner up to 30 days for the completion of these missing documents in order to ensure the deficiency is made up. If the missing documents are not completed within the granted time, the application will be removed from the process.

Foreigners who have applied for a residence permit and who have been given an application document by the Ministry, can make visits to other countries provided that they return to Turkey within 15 days each time within the 90 day period of stay provided by the Government.

It is important for our clients to know that foreigners that lodged residence permit application through the Turkish Government Online Migration System but didn’t attend to their appointment with the immigration authority or cancel active application will be entitled for visa violation if your visa is expired.

Foreigners can’t make a residence permit application with an invalid passport. In accordance with the Article 7/b of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection numbered 6458, foreigners wishing to enter Turkey should carry a passport with an expiration date of at least 60 days beyond the ‘duration of stay’ of their visa. For example if you have a visa with 30 days duration of stay, you should hold a travel document valid for at least an additional 60 days which makes in total 90 days of validity at the time of entrance so says the Foreign Affairs.

If your visa is expired, you can apply for a residence permit within 10 days from the date your visa expires. In this case, you can apply for a residence permit without leaving Turkey by paying the delay penalty accrued for a delay of 10 days.

Residence permit extension applications shall be submitted online within 60 days prior to the expiry date of the residence permit. Within 5 days following the online extension application required documents must be sent to the Ministry by post and physically. Short term residence permits can be extended each time for 2 years except the TRNC citizens, and there is no limit to the number of extension applications made to the Ministry.

It shall be noted that touristic residence ID card has no time limit to stay in or outside Turkey. Residence permit holders were only entitled to travel outside Turkey for 120 days out of 360 days and if they would exceed 120 days, then their residence permit was being cancelled. However this limit is abolished by the Government. The important point here is that this rule will be applied to residence permits obtained after 13 August 2016.

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If you are willing to obtain short-term residence permit in Turkey, the documents you need to provide to our residence permit lawyers are briefly stated below. Apart from the documents stated herein, it may be necessary to submit a number of documents that are specifically required depending on the reasons for your stay. For more information on this subject, please contact our immigration lawyers in Turkey.

  • Residence permit application form. This document must be signed by the foreigner and/or his legal representative.
  • Original and translated, notarized copy of passport. It should be noted that the maximum period of stay you will request cannot be more than your passport duration. Pursuant to Article 21 of the 6458 numbered Law on Foreigners and International Protection, foreigners who will apply for a residence permit must have a passport with a validity of sixty days longer than the total residence permit period they request to stay.
  • Four biometric photographs with white background, taken within the last six months.
  • A statement that you have sufficient and regular financial means during your stay.
  • Documents/receipts showing that the residence fee and card fee has been paid.
  • Valid health insurance. Valid health insurance must be covering all the residence permit period. Our immigration lawyers assist our clients to obtain an affordable private health insurance.
  • Proof of address. This document is the document that shows where you will reside in Turkey. If you are a tenant, your notarized rental agreement must be submitted, and if you are a landlord, a copy of the title deed is required.
  • In case of being registered in the address registration system, a document proving your residency address (Certificate of Residence) shall be obtained. In case if you are not registered in the address registration system, providing notarized rental agreement to the immigration authority will be sufficient.
  • If the applicant is married, marriage certificate.
  • A criminal record document that must be taken from the foreigners home country. This document has to be apostilled.
  • Potential tax number. Potential tax number for foreigner applicant is obtained by our immigration lawyers in Turkey.
  • Health certificate from a public hospital in Turkey.
  • E-visa document or a copy of the visa stamp on your passport.
  • Documents proving clients income.
  • Power of Attorney for our immigration lawyers to assist you in your short-term residence permit application in Turkey.

Having clients all over the world, MESCI Law Firm, with its team of dedicated lawyers specialized in immigration law, citizenship through investment, residence permit and work permit makes all kinds of residence permit applications diligently, informs client about the process detailly before the application, determines most suitable residence permit type and follows the residence permit application process from the beginning to the end. In case of rejection of residence permit application, our lawyers also carry out appeal and litigation processes. Clients shall duly note that upon rejection of the residence permit application by the immigration authority, you can file an objection petition agaisnt this rejection decision within 30 days following service of the decision on you. Upon service of the rejection decision, a lawsuit must be filed against the rejection decision before Ankara Administrative Courts within 60 days starting from safe receipt of the notification. If your residence permit application is rejected, within 10 days upon expiration of visa or visa exemption, you have to leave the country.


  • Providing legal consultation to determine the most suitable residence permit type for the applicant and to inform the foreigner about the documents required for the application.
  • Short-term residence permit applications.
  • Family residence permit applications.
  • Student residence permit applications.
  • Long-term residence permit applications.
  • Humanitarian residence permit applications.
  • Victims of human trafficking residence permit applications.
  • Appealing the residence permit refusal decision.
  • Filing an action for nullity regarding revocation of the residence permit application rejection decision.

How long can I stay outside Turkey with residence permit?

If a foreigner in Turkey applies through the e-residence system and completes their application by going to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the province where they have their appointment on the scheduled date and time provided after the online application, a residence permit application document will be issued. Together with the residence permit application document approved by the Directorate and the fee receipt, the foreigner applicant can exit Turkey within 15 days from the date of entry, provided that they return back to Turkey within this period. This residence permit application document allows multiple exits and entries for foreigners as long as they return within 15 days each time. However, if the foreigner stays abroad for more than 15 days, visa regulations will be applied when the applicant tries to re-enter to Turkey. It is important to emphasize that if it is determined that foreigners are not in Turkey after their residence permit applications, their applications may be evaluated negatively. Therefore, if you have an ongoing residence permit application, we recommend that you do not leave Turkey until it is finalized.

Touristic residence permit Turkey

Article 31 of 6458 numbered Law on Foreigners and International Protection, as well as the subsequent articles of the same law and Article 28 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, along with the continuing articles of the same law, regulate short-term residence permits. Foreigners who will come to Turkey for the following purposes may apply for a short-term residence permit:

  • Foreigners conducting scientific research in Turkey.
  • Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey.
  • Foreigners who will establish commercial connections or businesses in Turkey.
  • Foreigners participating in in-service training programs.
  • Foreigners coming to Turkey for educational or similar purposes within the framework of agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party or student exchange programs.
  • Foreigners staying in Turkey for tourism purposes.
  • Foreigners receiving treatment in Turkey, provided they do not carry diseases considered a threat to public health.
  • Foreigners required to stay in Turkey due to requests or decisions by judicial or administrative authorities.
  • Foreigners who, upon losing the conditions for family residence permits, may transition to a short-term residence permit.
  • Foreigners attending Turkish language courses.
  • Foreigners participating in education, research, internships, and courses in Turkey through public institutions.
  • Foreigners who have completed their higher education in Turkey and apply within six months from the graduation date.
  • Foreigners who are not employed in Turkey but will make investments within the scope and amount specified by the Council of Ministers, along with their foreign spouses, their dependent foreign children, and themselves.
  • Foreigners who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

As can be seen, tourist residence permits fall under the category of short-term residence permits. Applicants for tourist residence permits are expected to provide documents that particularly prove their travel plans, including where and for how long they will stay in Turkey. Due to the recent influx of immigration, tourist residence permit applications are often rejected. Therefore, we recommend that applicants consider applying for a short-term residence permit through real estate acquisition. Applicants may also consider to apply for Turkish citizenship through investment.

Turkey residence permit rejected

The rejection of a residence permit application is an administrative decision to be served legally to the foreigner or their legal representative, or their lawyer. The notification includes information on how the foreigner can effectively exercise their right to appeal the decision and outlines other legal rights and obligations during this process. A foreigner whose residence permit application has been rejected can file an objection before the relevant administrative authority within 30 (thirty) days after the notification of the rejection decision. Since the decision to reject the residence permit application is an administrative act, the annulment of this administrative act can also be requested from administrative courts. In other words, a foreigner whose residence permit application has been rejected has the right to initiate administrative litigation to have the rejection decision removed within 60 days from the notification of the rejection decision. Additionally, if a residence permit application is rejected, a new application for the same purpose of stay cannot be made within 6 months. However, during this period, you may apply for a different purpose of stay.

Work & residence lawyers

According to 6458 numbered Law on Foreigners and International Protection, a residence permit refers to the permission document granted to foreigners to stay in Turkey. This permit document, issued by the competent authorities, grants the foreigner the right to reside in our country for a specific period and at a specific location. The duration of this permit is one year for short-term residence permits. Foreigners who intend to stay in our country for a period longer than what is allowed by a visa or visa exemption (ninety days or more) are required to apply for a residence permit type they believe meets the conditions through the e-residence system. Residence permit applications can be made by foreigners themselves, or with the assistance of their attorney. However, if the application is made by an attorney, the authorities may, if deemed necessary, require the foreigner to be present for an interview during the application process. Applying for work and residence permits in Turkey involves a substantial amount of paperwork and adherence to various administrative processes. Work & residence lawyers assist their clients in preparing and submitting the required documents, ensuring that applications are complete and error-free. This reduces the chances of permit rejections and delays. Work & residence lawyers act as intermediaries between their clients and Turkish government authorities, such as the Ministry of Interior, Directorate General of Migration Management, and Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Work & residence permit lawyers are particularly valuable for clients with complex cases, such as those involving legal issues or complications with previous permits. These work & residence lawyers can offer strategies to resolve issues and provide legal representation if disputes or challenges arise during the application process. In cases where permits are denied, work and residence permit lawyers can help clients file appeals, challenge decisions, and seek redress through legal means. Their expertise can be invaluable in navigating the appeals process successfully. Don’t let immigration complexities stand in the way of your dreams. Let immigration law firm in Turkey be your trusted partner on your journey to Turkey. Our passionate team of work & residence permit lawyers is ready to guide you every step of the way.

How much is 1 year residence permit in Turkey?

With over ten years of law experience and practice, our law firm is a leader in the field of work and residence permits in Turkey. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in navigating the intricate immigration processes. If you are willing to learn more about residence permit application procedures, our service fees and expensses, please contact our law firm.

How many types of residence permits are there in Turkey?

In Article 30 of 6458 numbered Law on Foreigners and International Protection, six different types of residence permits are regulated. These include short-term residence permits, family residence permits, student residence permits, long-term residence permits, humanitarian residence permits, and residence permits for victims of human trafficking.

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