Mesci Law Firm one of the leading law firms of Istanbul, Turkey, provides cost-effective legal services in nearly all areas of law to its’ local and foreign real person and legal entity clients from different sectors with over ten years of law experience in theory and in practice.

Meet Our English Speaking Turkish Lawyers

Under our law firms roof, we have established teams consisting of dedicated lawyers that are experts in various areas of law enabling our firm to build an applicable pathway and bring strategic solutions for each unique legal dispute. Our English Speaking Turkish Lawyers have been the choice of numerous client candidates in need of an English Speaking Turkish Lawyers in Turkey.

We have managed to become a globally up-front law firm in Turkey over the years thanks to our caring and assuring manner of work we perform beyond borders. Our law firm consists of IP lawyers in Turkey, corporation lawyers in Turkey, criminal defence lawyers in Turkey, malpractice lawyers in Turkey, citizenship lawyers in Turkey, immigration lawyers in Turkey and many other lawyers in Istanbul specialized in intertwined areas of law.

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law in Turkey 

Enforcement and debt recovery law can be defined as a law system determining the legal procedure to be applied to a dispute where the debtor is not or cannot pay his debt, enabling the creditor to be remedied by relevant administrative entities upon an application made to protect her rights and interests.

Debt collection by enforcement proceeding without judgement is a type of legal method allowing the creditor to be imbursed by the debtor within a short period of time. Mesci Law Firm, with its’ Enforcement Lawyers in Turkey, collects your money fast by enforcement procedures.

Our Enforcement Lawyers in Turkey are well experienced on enforcement proceedings without judgement, enforcement proceedings with judgement, confiscation, seizure and selling of movable and immovable properties, negative declaratory actions, restitution claims, action for annulment of objections, bankruptcy cases and many other procedures related to enforcement, debt collection and bankruptcy law.

Our Enforcement Lawyers in Turkey having years of experience regarding debt collection procedures have managed to assist and close cases of many domestic and foreign clients in numerous enforcement cases with successful action plans. 

Business and Commercial Lawyer in Turkey 

Commercial law is a law system, aiming to allow commercial activity to meet the demands of the business community. Corporation and Commercial Law can be defined as a branch of law that is covering all trade related topics.

Our business and commercial lawyers in Turkey are experienced on mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, arbitration, mediation, bankruptcy and debt recovery, debt collection through enforcement proceeding without judgement or litigation, general assembly and board of directors meetings, residence permit and work permit, registration of industrial and intellectual property rights, obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, obligations of merchants in commercial transactions, obligations of employers under Turkish Labour Law and many other intertwined topic that are under or related to commercial and corporation law. 

Mesci Law Firm has been providing legal consultancy and services to many joint stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, investors and entrepreneurs from different sectors for years, in order to ensure their full potential in the market and that they fulfil their legal obligations in the best way possible in all kinds of commercial transactions related to their commercial enterprise or investment.

Our law team consists of reputable Business and Commercial Lawyers in Turkey who are knowledgeable on sectoral basis, as there are legal entities from transportation companies to companies that are engaged in panel production line producing, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to construction companies in our client portfolio. In this way, lawyers of our law office are enabled to produce the best applicable solution for their clients on a sectoral basis. 

For detailed information about our legal activities under commercial law, you can read our article, Turkish Commercial and Corporation Law and/or directly contact with our business and commercial lawyer in Turkey.

International Law Firms in Turkey 

Mesci Law Firm provides consultancy to many foreign natural person entrepreneurs and investors from different sectors, to branch offices having their head offices in a foreign country and to high turnover legal entities with foreign real or legal person partners in almost every field of law and provides all kinds of law services in any legal field they might need.

Our international law firm in Turkey is experienced on legal issues faced by foreigner real person clients in Turkey; regulation, interpretation and enforcement of the commercial relations and transactions established by and between companies based in Turkey and in foreign countries; recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, dispute resolution before International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and similar arbitral institutions, dispute resolution through mediation, recognition and enforcement of foreign court decrees, European Patent Validations in Turkey, PCT national phase applications in Turkey and all types of topics related to international law and foreigners law.

Our commercial contract lawyers in Turkey are also experienced on drafting any type of commercial contract and its validity conditions enabling them to detect pitfalls within the contract and shield your interests in the best manner. 

IP Law Firm In Turkey 

Trademark and patent law is one of the legal fields our law team stand out in relief. Our IP law firm in Turkey offers its years of experience and its extensive database to her clients built on trademark infringement lawsuits in Turkey; patent infringement lawsuits in Turkey; patent invalidation lawsuits in Turkey; collection of evidences lawsuits in Turkey; trademark invalidation lawsuits in Turkey; cancellation lawsuits to be filed against Commission for Review and Re-evaluation of Turkish Patent Office; well-known brand determination lawsuits; obtaining and enforcing ex-parte and inter-parte preliminary injunction decisions disabling aggressor firms and preventing their copy products to enter or stay in circulation in the market.

If you are suffering from trademark or patent infringement, you can directly call our IP Law Firm in Turkey and obtain a detailed verbal or written case evaluation and risk analysis. You can find more information regarding services we provide under Turkish IP law through the article Intellectual and Industrial Property Law. 

Register Company in Turkey 

Mesci Law Firm is specialized on limited liability company registration in Turkey, joint stock company registration in Turkey, branch office registration in Turkey, liaison office registration in Turkey and free zone company registration in Turkey; on related permits to be taken before the administrative entities; on forming company Articles of Association; determining the relevant NACE codes; previous and post registration transactions; tax liabilities of companies in Turkey; obtaining residence permit and work permit in Turkey and transactions related to foreign investment in Turkey.

Our company registration lawyers in Turkey are in cooperation with teams of accountants and financial advisors enabling our law team to determine the most appropriate company type for your business plan and investment you will make in Turkey and provide you applicable solutions regarding Turkish tax and corporation law.

Our law firm provides it’s company registration services as a package including company governance, company bank account opening and virtual office services which is very cost-effective. In order to learn more information on how to set up a company in Istanbul and company registration in Turkey, you can kindly visit our Article, Commercial and Corporation Law.

If you are willing to invest in Turkey, you can chose to proceed your transactions with our lawyers specialized in international foreign investment law. If you are a foreign investor planning to invest in Turkey, you can review our article International Foreign Investment Law, obtain more information on investment types a foreign investor can consider making in Turkey and discuss with us the type of investment you are willing to make. 

Criminal Lawyer In Istanbul  

We can define the criminal law as a legal discipline that examines concepts of crime and punishment and their limits, identifies illegal acts prohibited by criminal sanctions and deals with whether the act meets the terms and conditions of the criminal sanctions.

Our criminal lawyers in Turkey have an extensive experience on criminal law such as filing a complaint before the public prosecutors’ office and following up the investigation and prosecution phases, filing objections against the decision of non-prosecution; obtaining search, seizure and arrest orders or presenting objections against such orders; being present during statement of the suspect and provide legal help and applying to superior courts.

Our team consisting of criminal lawyer in Turkey has successfully closed criminal litigation dossiers filed before the Criminal Courts of Peace in Turkey, the Criminal Courts of First Instance in Turkey, the Assize Courts in Turkey, The Juvenile Courts in Turkey, the Juvenile Heavy Criminal Courts in Turkey and the Criminal Courts for Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

Our criminal lawyer in Turkey have defended many companies and their representatives, partners and directors in different types of criminal litigation dossiers filed before the relevant criminal court. English Speaking Turkish Trial Lawyers of our law firm having years of experiences on courtrooms including cross examination, which are also able to endure the pressure of a trial atmosphere. 

Divorce Lawyer in Turkey 

Family Law is a legal discipline that regulates relations of individuals’ family environments comprising of issues related to family relations such as marriage, divorce, marital property division, custody and alimony and protection of children and women.

Our Turkish divorce lawyer deals with disputes arising from family law and has years of experience on contested divorce and uncontested divorce cases; alimony and moral compensation claims; permanent and temporary child custody; obtaining protection order pursuant to Law No. 6284 on Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women; recognition and enforcement of foreign family court decisions in Turkey; preliminary injunction to be obtained regarding accommodation and education and all other related topics that can be examined under Turkish family law.

Our law team is aware of how can a divorce process can be traumatic for spouses, especially for the woman and for the child in common. Our divorce lawyer in Istanbul adopts a sensitive form of communication in accordance with the nature of the unfortunate event arising from family law client is going through, listens to her client deeply and aims to provide in-depth information about the legal process to guide them in the most accurate way.

Turkish divorce lawyer of our law firm is also experienced and possesses qualified information on marital property division lawsuits in Turkey and is able to obtain preliminary injunction decisions in order to prevent property stealing by other spouse. Our law firm in Istanbul is also able to assist couples that are willing to marry in Istanbul including their marriage and residence permit applications. If you are willing to marry in Istanbul, in the heart of Turkey, our marriage lawyer in Istanbul can assist you.

Malpractice Lawyer in Turkey 

Turkish health law and medical malpractice is a discipline of law that examines the negativities and damages occur in physical and/or mental health of a person due to fault of doctor and/or the health institution, and their source, and aims to solve such disputes.

The legal procedure to be followed up differs depending on whether the compensation lawsuit will be filed against a private hospital or public hospital. As malpractice lawyer in Istanbul, we follow your medical malpractice litigation process from the beginning to the end in a way enabling to protect your rights and interests and your health condition as a patient in the best manner. Turkish health law and medical malpractice is one of the areas where our law firm stands out.

It is possible for client candidates to find detailed information within the content of our Turkish Malpractice Law article, published in our web page, especially through the frequently asked questions part. If you are in need of a medical malpractice lawyer and health lawyer in Turkey, please don’t hesitate to call us and make an appointment! Don’t forget that you can obtain 

Citizenship Lawyer In Turkey 

Nationality Law can be defined as a legal discipline that covers and examines various legal procedures regarding transfer, loss and acquisition of nationality and citizenship. Legal principles regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, work permit and residence permit are regulated under Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 and International Labour Force Law No. 6735.

Our law firm in Turkey is specialized in acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment; buying real estate property in Turkey; representing client during sale or purchase of real estate property in Turkey; accompanying client before the title deed transactions; opening bank account in Turkey for foreigners; obtaining a tax number in Turkey for foreigners; company registration in Turkey for foreigners; obtaining or renewing work permit and residence permit in Turkey.

At the same time, our lawyers are well-versed in the legal remedies that should be resorted to in case the citizenship, residence permit and work permit application is rejected by the immigration authority. The legal procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is a complex process and it is legally beneficial to follow such applications and transactions with a Turkish immigration lawyer who is an expert in Turkish immigration law.

Mesci Law Firm determines the most appropriate residence permit and Turkish citizenship application type for its clients, informs its clients about the process in detail, carries out the Turkish citizenship application processes, reports each progress to its clients. For detailed information you can review our articles International Foreign Investment Law, Immigration Law and Residence Permit articles we have published in our web page or contact our citizenship lawyer in Turkey

Inheritance Lawyer In Turkey 

Inheritance Law can be defined a legal discipline that regulates safe distribution and transfer of the assets of a person after his/her death. If you are seeking a Turkish inheritance lawyer, Mesci Law Firm specialized on Elder Law and Inheritance Law in Turkey can provide you immediate legal assistance.

Our inheritance lawyer in Turkey has experience on obtaining certificate of inheritance; filing and following up action for the annulment of the inheritance certificate; filing and following up a declaratory action regarding determination of the invalidity of the renunciation of the inheritance agreement; issuance will and inheritance contracts; cancellation of will and inheritance contract; debarment from inheritance or disinheritance; filing and following up cancellation of land registration lawsuit in case of fictitious transaction of the testator; filing hereditatis petition lawsuit and many other type of legal transaction and/or lawsuit that can be examined under Turkish inheritance law. Our law firm in Turkey is always prepared to handle your complex inheritance case successfully. 

Labour and Employment Lawyer In Turkey 

Labour law is a legal disciple that examines issues related to workers’ rights, working conditions, wages of labours, labour unions, disputes arising from employment agreements and employer-employee relations. Our labour and employment lawyer in Turkey represents both employees and employers in need of legal assistance on labour law in the best manner.

Our law firm in Turkey, with its team of labour and employment lawyers in Istanbul, provides legal consultancy and services on reemployment lawsuits; action for fixing of period of service; compensation for loss of support; termination of employment contract with valid and/or rightful reasons by the employers or employees; severance and notice pay lawsuits and labour compensation lawsuits and many other type of legal service that can be examined under Turkish labour law.

Our Turkish labour and employment lawyers also provide legal assistance on preparing employment contracts, dress code for use of employers, disciplinary code and procedure for use of employers and conduct training for management, employees and the Company.   

Real Estate Lawyer Istanbul 

Real estate, construction and rental law is a legal discipline that defines types of rights that can be possessed related to immovables and aims to resolve disputes in which immovables are brought as subject. Our real estate lawyer in Istanbul is specialized on real estate property purchase transactions; preparation of due diligence report regarding the real estate property to be purchased; filing lawsuit for correction or cancellation of the title deed and many other legal lawsuits and transactions that exists under Turkish real estate law.

Our property rental lawyer Turkey has years of experience on rental law especially terminating relationship established between the landlord and the tenant; filing action for evacuation regarding the leased property; filing lawsuit regarding determination of the rentage and collection of the unpaid rentage through fast enforcement proceedings. If you are in need of a real estate lawyer in Istanbul, our law firm in Turkey can legally assist you and guard your proprietary rights.  

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If you are a foreigner staying in Turkey willing to make any legal application and you don’t know where to start or if you are a foreigner in need of a lawyer in Istanbul, please don’t hesitate to reach our law firm in Turkey for a quick case evaluation and legal help.

Our law firm in Turkey is a familiar guide always present for you and representing you in Turkey so that your rights and interests can be guarded beyond borders enabling you also to assort with Turkish regulations comfortably. So don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers who may be one of the best lawyers in Turkey providing attentive and top-tier law services. The queries and applications you send via e-mail are processed immediately by our English Speaking Turkish Lawyers and you will be returned with detailed written information shortly!

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