Upon heavy queries we received from our clients and client candidates this week we decided to publish this small informing article providing the information on, How To Get Tax Number In Turkey, how to obtain a tax identification number in Turkey and why as a foreigner you need to do that.

How To Get Tax Number In Turkey

Our law firm is specialized on company formation in Turkey and Turkish citizenship through investment enabling our lawyers to be experienced also on some other procedurally related legal transactions such as obtaining a potential tax ID number for foreigners.

Our lawyers are prepared to assist you in any legal transaction including to obtain a tax ID number in Turkey for foreigners without the need of a residence permit. If you are in Turkey or have been in Turkey recently, our law firm in Turkey can obtain for you a tax ID number in Turkey.

In order to obtain a tax ID number in Turkey on behalf of you, you need to authorize our lawyers through a Power of Attorney to be issued in a Notary Public in Turkey. If you are not in Turkey at the moment, we still can receive for you a tax ID number in Turkey with a Power of Attorney that is issued by Turkish Embassy. 

How do I register for tax in Turkey?

You are not obliged to go to Tax Office to obtain a tax ID number in Turkey. You can obtain a tax ID number in Turkey in two ways. First of all, you can visit the page of Interactive Tax Office (İnteraktif Vergi Dairesi) through https://ivd.gib.gov.tr and click on the part “Application for Non-Citizen’s Potential Tax Number” button.

The system will automatically provide you a tax ID number when you will fill out your passport information and submit the form. This is the fastest way you can obtain the Turkish tax ID number enabling you to receive it within minutes in a pdf document through your browser. So it is important for you not to forget to enable pop-up windows and cookies in your browser to receive this pdf document.

On the other hand, you can make a physical application to any Tax Office (Vergi Dairesi) and obtain a tax ID number in Turkey. The transaction usually takes around 15 or 20 minutes. You will need your original passport, a copy of your passport’s identification page and a filled and signed tax ID request petition with you. 

How long does it take to get a tax number in Turkey?

Obtaining a tax ID number in Turkey will take a few minutes only in each way stated above if required documents are already prepared. If you are a foreigner legal entity, in order to obtain a corporate tax number we need Certificate of Good Standing and Trade Registry Certificate of the company based in the foreign country and a Power of Attorney authorizing our lawyers to obtain a tax ID number in Turkey on your behalf. These documents shall also be translated by a certified translator in Turkey and notarized by a Notary Public in Turkey before presented to the Tax Office. 

Turkish Tax Number for Non-citizens

As per Turkish Law, real persons and legal entities willing to undertake business activities in Turkey shall obtain a tax ID number in Turkey. Tax ID numbers and TR identity numbers of the Turkish citizens are matched. In other words, identification number of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey are considered also as their tax ID numbers.

On the other hand, as per General Communique on the Tax Identification Number, since Turkish Republic ID number is not provided to foreign nationals who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey, these persons themselves shall obtain a tax id number in Turkey by applying to the Tax Office for wide range of legal transactions.

Apply for a Turkish tax number

One of the frequently asked questions regarding obtaining a tax number in Turkey is whether if such an application is free of charge or not. When you make an online or physical application in order to obtain a tax number in Turkey, you don’t need to pay an administrative fee. Foreigners can apply in order to obtain a tax identity number in Turkey without making any payment to the Tax Office or Turkish Revenue Administration. 

Why do you need a tax ID number?

Obtaining a tax ID number in Turkey shall be the first step when you decide to come to Turkey especially in order to invest in Turkey or settle in Turkey. Foreigners need to obtain a Turkish tax ID number in order to open a bank account in Turkey, obtain residency permit to settle and live in Turkey, obtain a driving license in Turkey, obtain health insurance, buying a car, get a mobile phone line from an operator, in order for company establishment in Turkey and in order to initiate and finalize your other legal transactions in Turkey and perform various formalities in Turkey.

What are the benefits of a tax number in Turkey? 

There are many benefits of obtaining a tax number in Turkey when you came in Turkey with the aim to buy a property, apply for citizenship or set up your own business. You can use your potential tax number to:

  • Get a health insurance,
  • Give Power of Attorney to your lawyer or to third parties through notaries in Turkey,
  • Establish a company in Turkey and set up your own business in Turkey,
  • Get a driver’s license, 
  • Buy a car, 
  • Obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, 
  • Obtain residence permit in order to stay and live in Turkey, 
  • Make an investment by buying a property in Turkey, 
  • Open a bank account in Turkey.

Benefits of obtaining a tax ID number in Turkey are not limited with these legal transactions. While you are in Turkey, you will likely enter into many legal transactions that will require you to present your tax ID number. Since the tax number is given to you for an indefinite period and for free, we recommend you to do this one-time transaction as a first thing to do in Turkey which will also make you look credible before administrative entities. 

Reach Our Law Firm To Acquire Tax Number in Turkey 

MESCI Law Firm consisting of English Speaking Turkish Lawyers are always prepared to assist you in your tax number registration, bank account opening and company formation procedures in Turkey. Our lawyers have over 10 years of law experience on company establishment procedures and on how to set up a business in Istanbul.

We have established hundreds of joint stock companies in Turkey, limited liability companies in Turkey, liaison offices in Turkey, free zone companies in Turkey and branch offices in Turkey for foreigner entrepreneurs and investors throughout the years.

Our law firm in Turkey is one of the top-tier law firms providing company formation services in Istanbul handling also company governance through working with certified accountants and accounting firms. You may reach us for a consultancy on how to set up your own business or directly instruct our lawyers to get a tax ID number in Turkey fast.

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